About Us
Pakistan’s military history stretches far back into antiquity, to our sturdy ancestors along the mighty Indus, who tilled the land and defended themselves against multiple waves of invaders. Our soldiers today are descended from those ver...
Preserve and promote the military history of Pakistan and the history of Pakistan Army, while acting as centre of excellence for the study of military history, and provide a forum for open source intellectual input to the Pakistan Army, thr...
Roles of AIMH
  • Gathering military historical data from available sources – official, public, private, written, oral, audio, video, physical, local and foreign.
  • Recording, pr...

Major General Agha Masood Akram, HI(M) (Retired)

Message of the Director General

After thirty seven years’ service with Pakistan Army, I was privileged to be entrusted with establishing the AIMH. Mid-2017 onwards has seen a flurry of activity – concurrently getting established, and commencing professional activities in all domains. The vast scope encompasses the past (military history), the present (contemporary affairs) and the future, and includes archiving, research work, writing, teaching military history in the Army and popularising it within civil society. I am proud of our progress and of our small but energetic team consisting of serving and retired officers and civilians.

Pakistan has a rich, millennia-old military history along the vall...

Importance of Military History

  • Every Pakistani citizen is entitled to know our country’s military history – both pre- and post-Partition - and that of the Pakistan Army. This imparts a sense of ownership for all those past soldiers, who fought and died for the country. It also enables citizens to be more aware about a relatively lesser known subject, of which small parts are known in passing, while much remains absent from the public eye. The absence of a military history institute in the past, will now be more than made up by the setting up of AIMH.
  • Any serious profession requires a very strong theoretical grounding based on a reservoir of past experience in that field. Military leaders need a sound grounding in the profession of arms, which comes through the study of military history. Knowledge gained becomes part of the officer’s professional database. A military leader must understand the nat...

Scope of Military History at AIMH
  • Fundamentals and generations of warfare to include:-
    • Nature of war including principles of war
    • Face of battle
    • Laws and ethics of war
    • First generation warfare (ancient to 1500 AD and...